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    June HS Clinic is NOW FULL! Sunday, June Middle School/CYO Clinic ONLY TEN SPOTS Available!! Sign up NOW for July and August High School and Middle School Tryout Prep Clinics!!

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    Winners of the KOB Volleyball Raffle!! Time to hit the beach and play some ball!

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    High Line 15 NexGen finishes the season with Back-to-Back GOLD! Way to work hard!! REPRESENT!!

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    HighLine 17 NexGen wins the SILVER in the GOLD bracket at the PDC!!

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    Back to Back Medals for HighLine 16 NexGen! Gold medal followed by Silver!! Way to BALL Ladies!

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    High Line 15 NexGen Finishes SECOND at the Irish Rumble!! Hard work pays off! This team is RELENTLESS!

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    16 NexGen Crushes the Competition and earns GOLD at Nook!

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    HighLine 17 NexGen Wins Gold at the Nook Winter Classic!





High Line Volleyball Club was created in 2005 to serve the girls of the community. High Line VBC vows to uphold a positive coaching methodology and ensures that all of their coaches are Double Goal Certified by the PCA. ( It is the belief of the organization that we can better our youth both on and off the court with this methodology.

Send us an email at or if you have any questions!

High Line has a simple motto: 
Positive Coaching. Positive Attitude. Positive Experience.
Work Hard. Get Better


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Registration is Open

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