Renegades Gym (Kelly Bolish Gymnasium)

2950 Turnpike Drive, Hatboro PA  19040



Practice is cancelled - 1/26/15

Practice has been cancelled for tonight, Monday, January 26, 2015.

Please take this opportunity to work out by sledding, shoveling the driveway or running around in the snow. If you want to stay indoor, planks, jump lunges and tuck jumps would also be helpful to you and your team.
MLK Results

Congratulations to all High Line teams that competed in the MLK event.

High Line 14 Black finishes 9 out of 46 (Gold Division) in 17 National.
High Line 15 Black finishes 5 out of 27 (Gold Division) in 15 American.
High Line 16 Black finishes 21 out of 35 (Bronze Division winner) in 16 American.
High Line 17 Black finishes 14 out of 44 (Silver Division runner up) in 17 National.


JB Tournament 2/6/15 - Registration Now Open

Registration for the 2/6/15 JB Tournament is now open. Even though we only had 14 players attend, along with two coaches in the last JB Tournament, I do know a good time was had by all and each player got a significant number of touches and improved their skill set. Please email if you are interested in registering for the next JB Tournament on 2/6/15. You will receive a registration number to confirm your entry into the torunament. Registration will close on Monday 2/2/15. The first 24 athletes will be accepted. Thank you. Mike Nguyen

JB2 Tournament 2/6/15

JB Tournament Sign-Up list. Please sign up by Monday, February 2, 2015.

Sign-Up Order Player Confirmation Number
1 Olvia Diorio JB201
2 Christina Foley JB202
3 Ailene Woznicki JB203
4 Amanda Hostetler JB204
5 Michelle Hostetler JB205
6 Amanda Rice JB206
7 Megan Barella JB207
8 Ally McKenzie JB208
9 Bridget McTamney JB209
10 Grace Majkut JB210
11 Holly Gola JB211



Calendar Schedule

Please note that there is now a Calendar Schedule Link in the Resources Tab of the main page. This Calendar will list the practice times, skill sessions, JB Tournaments and Team Tournaments. Once tournaments are finalized in the next few days, the team page, as well as the calendar, will have their tournaments listed. (You must be logged into the website to view the calendar).