• File 14879465689005

    HighLine 17 NexGen wins the SILVER in the GOLD bracket at the PDC!!

  • File 14879467752307

    16 NexGen finishes 3rd at PDC! Another impressive showing from this talented group of athletes!

  • File 14855236637220

    HighLine 17 NexGen Wins Gold at the Nook Winter Classic!

  • File 14879473174426

    15 Renegades enjoying a great day of volleyball at the Prez Day Classic!!

  • File 14869953301559

    HighLine 16 NexGen Battles to a Semi-Final Finish at February Frost Mixed! 6-2 in Pool Play!

  • File 14869954975723

    HighLine 17 NexGen Wins Silver in Cherry Hill!

  • File 14857331563975

    HighLine NexGen Looking Sharp!!

  • File 14864176822018

    HighLine Renegades Squad!!




High Line Volleyball Club was created in 2005 to serve the girls of the community. High Line VBC vows to uphold a positive coaching methodology and ensures that all of their coaches are Double Goal Certified by the PCA. (http://www.positivecoach.org). It is the belief of the organization that we can better our youth both on and off the court with this methodology.

High Line has a simple motto: 
Positive Coaching. Positive Attitude. Positive Experience.
Work Hard. Get Better


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