Private Lessons

Available Beginning in May!! 

Private Lessons on an outdoor net system saves you money! 

Private training is offered on an outdoor net system to keep the cost low!.

Coaches can work on the exact same skills and processes that they would work on indoors, just outdoor to save you a ton of money. We will begin scheduling private training now to begin in May (once the weather warms up.) We can focus on many of the same skill areas in one-on-one sessions that we do in our club practices.

Each 1.5 hours Session Includes:

Video Feedback on Delay

Data on:

Serving, Passing and Hitting including:
Serving MPH and Serving Efficiency. 
Hitting Efficiency and Error Percentage
Passer Rating

After every private lesson, parents will receive updated progress reports via email with data from the session, along with a summary of what was worked on and areas of continued focus for the next session. 

Coaches can work on whatever skill-area the athlete wants to focus on or the coach can do a brief skills assessment to determine what skills are in most need of remediation/focus and move forward from there. 

The cost of one-on-one training is $60.00 per 1.5 hour session.

Small group pricing is also available!

The cost per player for small group training:

1 player---1.5 Hours--$60 
2 Players-1.5 Hours--$50 
3 Players-1.5 Hours--$40 

Small group training provides the same focused work and allows for carpooling opportunities!

If you would like to schedule your private training session, or if you have any questions about private training, please contact Coach Roy at: