February 27, 2018

June and August Sunday High School Prep and Middle School Skills Clinic Registration is OPEN!

Summer Clinics and Camps at High Line NexGen!!

High Line is happy to announce the first wave of SUMMER TIME camps and clinics!! We will start our summer off by offering Sunday afternoon clinics beginning in June!

We have tryout prep clinics for athletes in grades 5-8 and grades 9-11! 

The gym is airconditioned! Beat the heat!

Work Hard and Get Better!


High Line NexGen 

831 Tech Drive, Telford Pa

Sunday Middle School Skills Clinics! (Grades 5-8)

Session I June 3 - June 24 Sundays 12:30-2:00 $100.00

Session II Aug 5 - Aug 26 Sundays 12:30-2:00 $100.00

Sunday High School Prep Clinics! (Grades 9-11) 

Session I June 3 - June 24 Sundays 2:00-3:30 $100.00 

Session II Aug 5 - Aug 26 Sundays 2:00-3:30 $100.00

All sessions will be limited to 24 athletes per age group to ensure maximum touches and reduced wait time. Athletes do not get better standing around!

Clinics will be FAST PACED! 

Sessions will be led by Coach Watson, Co-Director High Line Volleyball 

Athletes will receive daily instruction in each of the primary volleyball skills. Practice sessions will include a combination of "blocked" and "random" practice sections. Coaches will first emphasize the importance of developing technical fluency by teaching and modelling each skill in small group settings. Opportunities will be provided for each athlete to engage in each skill in isolation. This will be followed by feedback, remediation and additional opportunities to engage in each skill in a random, game-like situation. Athletes will be encouraged to set daily short term objectives as well as long term clinic completion goals. Progress will be monitored quantitatively using some of the following criteria as data points to track athlete progress:

Passer Rating

Hitting Percentage

Serving Percentage

Serving MPH/Percentage

Digging Percentage

Stay sharp, ready and prepared for your CYO and high school tryouts with High Line NexGen!!

If you have any questions, please call Coach Watson @ 215-872-3750 or email Coach Roy @ HighLineCoachRoy@Gmail.com

Registration is open! Space is limited! 

June and August Sunday Summer Clinic Registration!!