Q:  Why do you not offer my daughter a spot directly at the tryout?
High Line directors believe that it is a stressful and emotional time for the young ladies involved in the process of tryouts.  We empathize with those not receiving an offer and do not want to have those players not receiving an offer leaving the gym as their high school teammates, previous club teammates and other friends may be receiving those offers.  Although not receiving an offer via phone call later that night may be just as disappointing to the player involved, they are not amongst their peers and have the support of their family readily available.  In addition, High Line feels very strongly that we must carefully discuss and evaluate our tryouts before we make decisions.  Lastly, we do not want players or families to feel pressure, and if were in an in person offer, some may feel obligated to respond without careful consideration.  We believe all the aforementioned reasons are key reasons not to offer players at the tryout.


Q: What is the cost for the 2015-2016 club season?

A: The fee for the 2015-2016 club season is $2000 per player and that covers practice time, High Line gear(2 jerseys, 2 spandex shorts, 1 warm-up jacket, 1 warm-up pants, 1 backpack and socks), tournament fees and coaching expenses.


Q:  How many spots are available on each team?

A:  High Line adds 10-12 players on teach team and all spots are available.  High Line does not hold positions for any players, previous or otherwise and is diligent in giving every athlete in the gym a fair and consistent chance to make our teams.


Q:  How does the evaluation process work?

A:  Our evaluation process is meant to give every player the best evaluation possible.  High Line uses all 8 head coaches plus our technical director to evaluate players.   At the conclusion of the tryouts for the day, the staff will reconcile their lists and decide where offers should be made as a coaching staff.   Coaches scheduled to coach a team have no more selection ability than any other one person and we make selections as a team to ensure the most fairness to all that participate.


Q:  Why is walkup registration so expensive?

A:  Walk up registration is set high to encourage on line registration which makes the morning go as smooth as possible.  We understand that some families must complete walk up registration for many reasons, but we do our best to discourage this process.  If you plan to walk up you should plan on arriving early to tryouts.

Q:  Do you offer callbacks/second tryouts/make up tryouts?
A:  High Line does not offer callbacks/second tryouts/makeup tryouts at any age group.  High Line believes with our comprehensive evaluation system of 5 evaluators, we can effectively and efficiently cover the tryout and accurately assess the skill levels of individuals in attendance.  We know this time is an anxious time for all young athletes trying out and we want to ensure we get our offers out quickly and efficiently to ensure the least stress on the athletes.

Q:  How soon after tryouts will offers be out?
A:  Offers will be out sometime after 3pm on the day of tryouts or the day immediately following tryouts.   Once all offers have been extended to athletes, an update will be placed on the web site indicating all first round offers are out.  When teams are filled, a note will be placed on the web site.

Q:  Do you call/notify every player that attends tryouts?
A:  Due to our process of only club directors contacting each family, we do not make calls to each and every person who attends tryouts.  If a status is desired, you may feel free to contact us at: directors@highlinevb.com to inquire.

Q:  What is the club playing time policy?
A:  The club guarantees 10% playing time to every member of High Line.  However, in every case where the athlete is working hard, that amount of time is usually exceeded by the coach.  Do feel free to contact each individual coach for their playing time philosophy as it pertains to the season.

Q:  What does High Line offer that is unique to the club experience?
A:  High Line offers skills sessions in December, several Jim Bjerring tournament events and a Jim Bjerring event final and a season that lasts from Dec-April for all teams.  We believe that having all of our head and first assistant coaches CAP certified by USA Volleyball is a differentiator in education level of our coaches, which translates to a better experience for our High Line Family.

Q:  Does High Line offer strength and conditioning or fitness training sessions?
A:  High Line has evaluated offering fitness training sessions in the past.  Our trainer tested both pre and post sessions of offering training sessions two times per week.  The outcome after 6 weeks was not statistically significant to warrant cost and giving up space to non-volleyball activities.  It is our firm belief that fitness requires a constant drive, and cannot be done as part of a once or twice a week regimen.  In addition, our membership usually has gym memberships and other fitness options available, and by us including that directly in our program potentially causes an unneeded overlap and additional cost for features that may not be desired.  Lastly, a USA Volleyball mantra is 'the game teaches the game' and High Line firmly believes in this mantra.  It simply means, the more volleyball we play, the better we are going to be at volleyball.  Our coaches believe in and train their players using this philosophy.  By utilizing every avaialble minute in direct volleyball activities, we can be sure that the players are getting to the maximum level of skill, which is why they have decided to participate in club volleyball in the first place.  We believe these types of programs have benefit, but we should focus on our strengths of training the sport of volleyball and maxmize court time when available.

Q:  How many teams are assigned to each practice court?
A:  High Line believes in another USA Volleyball mantra:  'Maximize Meaningful Movements and Contacts'.  To that end, we assign only a single team to a court for all team practice sessions.  This allows a great maximization of players opportunity to respond and does not dilute those opportunities with having 2 teams on one court to save on court time and costs.  

Q:  Does High Line offer skills training or technical training?
  Since our inception in 2005, High Line has been offering skills and technical training.  This training is done primarily in December, so that the players benefit from this training the entire season.  From there, system work and team oriented, game like situations are the norm with plenty of built in competition.  It is our belief that our teams are always strong because of this configuration in our training.  Training skills and fixing technical items early is the key to success.

Q:  Is everything included?
  Our fees include everything we offer.  The only additional costs are hotels/travel/food for events.

Q:  Do you offer tips on college recruiting?
 High Line has done this since 2005.  We do not offer a 'package' around this because one size does not fit all.  Every player has different educational goals, different aspirations and may be dealing with different challenges.  The goal of all of our coaches it to help out athletes reach their goals and potential including life after High Line.