Club Overview

High Line Volleyball Club was created in 2005 to serve the girls of the community. High Line VBC vows to uphold a positive coaching methodology and ensures that all of their coaches are Double Goal Certified by the PCA. ( It is the belief of the organization that we can better our youth both on and off the court with this methodology. High Line has a simple motto: Positive Coaching. Positive Attitude. Positive Experience.  High Line closed for the 2013-2014 season, but re-opened in 2014-2014 under the leadership of Mike Nguyen.


High Line VBC will only use coaches that follow it's methodology and will ensure they are up to date with the latest information available in this space. We encourage new ideas, thoughts and find ways to get our players to think about the game in ways they have not in the past. Our players have been very satisfied with their experience with our club and we hold that as a high complement to our mission and our philosophy. With our qualified coaching staff and a positive coaching philosophy, High Line VBC is sure to give every player the most enjoyment and create a great environment for learning, while being very competitive and winning. High Line VBC wants to make the players volleyball experience the best it can be! High Line strives to make every team the best it can be and nearly every team, every year earns medals in more than one tournament. This is tribute to player drive, coaching, and the technical training that we offer to make even the smallest adjustment to better the players' success individually contributing to the teams' outcome.


High Line teaches completely under the USA Volleyball recommended practices, and plans on having all of its' coaching staff with CAP Level I, CAP Level II or CAP Level III training. You can expect that our training will very technical and very positive. We have some of the most well trained and experienced coaches in the area. Many of our head coaches have made it deep into district playoffs in their high school or collegiate season and some have made it to the state level playoffs. This is quite an accomplishment for our staff.


Some view positive coaching as a way to learn, but not a way to be 'high level'. At High Line, we view it as being positive opens people in general to a learning process and is not based on skill. If people are open to learning, they get better faster. Our whole philosophy is based on getting better, faster. Our organization prides itself on the successes of past teams whether teams have been filled with talent or they are new players, in all cases those teams have been successful. We believe that is a tribute to our methodologies here at High Line.


High Line VBC has one goal in mind and one goal only. The goal is to increase the general level girls junior volleyball in our area by using double goal methodology. Training players to control things they ACTUALLY can control, teaching players what winning really means, and teaching young athletes to understand the true meaning of team, through life lessons is what High Line is all about. That is the club charter and vows to give as much time and dedication needed to improve the level of every player and teach the game through life lessons.


Our coaching staff comes from various walks of life. Coaches have joined us from all over. Coaches from collegiate coaches, collegiate club coaches, other girls' juniors clubs, high schools and even CYO programs all have joined our program. They believe in the same philosophy as the founders of the club and that is to treat all involved with our sport with respect and teach the young athletes that volleyball truly is a sport for a lifetime.  It is our goal to have all of our coaches at least certified at CAP Level I. Each year, our coaches are given additional educational opportunities from working with our more experienced coaching staff, to attending volleyball and coaching clinics.


Our training program includes mental, technical skill and strategy techniques following the principles of motor skill development. Our training is designed around 'game like' movements and techniques creating better transfer to actual game situations. Using more random drills (where many skills are involved) as opposed to repetitive drill techniques, we create an environment that transfers to a real game situation. By maximizing our contacts per hour and reducing training 'dead time' we provide a unique learning opportunity. Giving our players maximum 'opportunities to respond' allows our players to achieve the highest level of skill possible. The High Line coaching staff are always evaluating the drills and training techniques we utilize to maximize learning for the players which is why High Line is always a very successful club when travelling to tournaments. Most importantly, we can say that every player that comes through our program leaves a much better player than when they came to our club. We do not go through the motions, but take each players' developmental needs into consideration as a personal challenge.

Originally led by club director and coach Doug Blystone, who is currently one of about 100 people in the country certified at the CAP Level III level, the club had strong leadership, positive coaching and respect in the volleyball community. Doug also completed his master's degree in Coaching and Athletic Administration in 2014.   Doug is the former head coach of Saint Basil Academy where he led the Panthers to the district semi-final match in his first year. In year five, Doug led the Panthers to the state playoffs, finishing 9th in the state, with two of the players in his program achieving recognition on the all-state team.  Doug led his high school team to two straight elite eight appearances in district play.  Since then, Doug has taken over the program at Penn State Abington, helping them get into the playoffs in his first year at the helm.  Doug is highly trained from USA Volleyball, having CAP (Coaches Accreditation Program) Level II, and is also an IMPACT instructor with USA Volleyball. Doug is currently a member of the CAP Program cadre, teaching CAP Level I courses with USA Volleyball.  Doug has also served a term on the board for the regional USA volleyball organization (KRVA) as the Player and Coach Development Director, KRVA (


In 2014, Mike Nguyen takes over as club director.  Mike's vast experience in coaching the game is a great succession to Doug at the front of the organization.  Even while Doug was in the leadership role, Mike served as the right hand man of the organization, becoming familiar with all aspects of running the organization.  Mike comes off a very successful stint with Synergy and previously led the Plymouth Whitemarsh high school team to several playoff appearances.  Mike also served a stint with Doug at Saint Basil Academy helping grow the program and make it successful under the same style of coaching that High Line stands for today.  Mike will be an integral part of leading the organization to new heights and will be able to help serve the volleyball community by providing top quality and consistent coaching throughout the entire club experience.

In 2016 Coach Roy Watson joined Mike as co-director of HighLine. The club has now expanded to the NexGen facility in Telford. Coach Roy has experience coaching at several successful volleyball clubs including Keystone Juniors, CAL Sports Academy and most recently Infinity Volleyball Academy. Coach Roy is also a long-time high school coach at New Hope Solebury. While at New Hope, he successfully led his team to the PIAA State Tournament in 2016 after winning the Suburban One Conference (AA) as well as the Region I/XI Championship that same season. Coach Roy is  CAP II certified through USA Volleyball, a long time member of the Positive Coaching Alliance and has been a fixture in the club, high school and CYO volleyball communities for over a decade. Coaches Mike and Roy are excited to offer the HighLine name to the Souderton and Telford areas.